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5 Signs Your Sliding Patio Doors Need to Be Replaced

It’s September and everyone here at Fasada hopes you had a great summer.

If you’re like most families in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Hamilton, you probably spent as much time as possible on the backyard patio.

That means opening and closing your sliding patio doors over and over and over again.

Now that it’s the end of summer, you may not be using your patio doors as often.

It also means that if your patio doors are old and weathered, now’s the perfect time to replace them.

That way, they’ll be ready to go once next summer rolls around.

With that in mind, here are some signs that you need new sliding patio doors.

They’re incredibly noisy

When functioning properly, your sliding patio doors should smoothly and quietly glide open and shut.

However, if they’re making the following sounds – and making them loudly – it may be time for an upgrade:

  • Squeaks.
  • Grinds.
  • Scratches.

The first thing you should do is clean the track at the bottom and remove any obstructions or debris, such as leaves, sticks, or even children’s toys.

Then, you can lubricate the wheels or glide mechanism and see if that does anything.

If the noise still persists, it probably means the wheels/glide mechanism or track itself is damaged and broken.

In that case, your best option is to choose new sliding patio doors for your home.

Moisture within the glass panes

You should never see moisture forming within the glass panes.

If you do, that’s a sure sign your sliding patio doors should be replaced ASAP.

In addition to looking sharp and giving you a nice view of your backyard patio, the glass panes are actually responsible for temperature regulation.

A small crack or seal can compromise its effectiveness, which means:

  • The temperature of the room with the doors is warmer or cooler than it should be.
  • Higher than normal monthly energy bills.

The sooner you replace your sliding patio doors, the better.

If there’s moisture between the glass panes, it won’t be too long until the doors deteriorate and need replacing anyway.


Patio sliding doors are much larger than front doors made of fibreglass or steel insulation.

When they’re in good shape, patio sliding garden doors should provide solid, weather-tight sealing.

Warm air, cool air, or even moisture (i.e. rain) should not pass through. An old, beat-up door is going to let a lot of drafts come into your home.

Now, if you feel a draft coming from your patio, check the weather-stripping. Simply swapping out old stripping for new might solve the problem.

If that doesn’t do it, inspect the door itself; especially the frame.

Does it looked warped? Are there cracks in it? Is it bent in certain places?

Those – coupled with the drafts coming in – are warning signs that your current sliding patio doors are approaching the end of their working life.

Increasingly difficult to operate

In addition to the noisiness mentioned earlier in this blog, your patio sliding door should be easy to open and close.

It shouldn’t:

  • Jam.
  • Require excessive force.
  • Pop out of the track.
  • Get stuck.

There are many reasons this could be the case. It could be something as innocuous as replacing old parts for new.

Or, it could be something more severe. For example, if the frame has contracted and expanded enough over the years, it could make the door harder to operate.

In that case, your best (and perhaps only) option is to purchase a new sliding patio door from Fasada.

They’re outdated

Maybe all summer long, you grimaced each time you looked at your current sliding patio doors. Perhaps they’re the doors which came with the house when you first moved in.

Whatever the case, its style may not match your design tastes.

Couple that with other issues which can impact older doors, such as:

  • Chipping.
  • Warping.
  • Rusting.

And it’s a sure sign you need new sliding patio doors for your home.

Contact Fasada for your new sliding patio doors

Although it’s the end of summer and backyard patio season is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean you should wait to update your sliding patio doors.

Quite the opposite: Don’t put it off any longer. By getting the patio doors you want now, you’re helping with the energy-efficiency of your home.

And of course, you won’t have to worry or think about it next year; or for many years to come.

Contact us with your questions or comments. Or, request a FREE quote on any of our patio sliding doors.

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