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The Best Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

Your window treatments do two things:

  1. Make the interior of your house look amazing.
  2. Give your family some privacy from prying eyes.

Our customers choose different window treatments depending on the room.

  • Which room is it?
  • Which direction do the windows face?
  • What is the primary intended function of the window treatment (privacy, aesthetics)?
  • Who spends the most time in the room?


Over the years we’ve noticed that a lot of families overlook window treatments for back patio sliding doors. It’s a shame, because these doors give you an opportunity to install a larger set of window treatments and add a unique design element to the room.

Your patio sliding doors or exterior French doors also make it possible for people to see into your home, so it’s wise to have the option to block that view while you’re asleep or away.



What are the best window treatment options for your sliding doors?

Classy Shutters!

Homeowners often don’t realize shutters can be installed on French Doors.

We offer shutters by Canadian custom designer, Eclipse Shutters. Your shutters will be perfectly matched to your doors and sturdy enough to stand up to repeated opening and closing over the years.

One of the most attractive features of our Eclipse shutters is their lifespan; they last a long time.

You can expect about 25 years of use from your new Eclipse shutters with minimal maintenance on your part.

Modern Blinds!

Blinds are low maintenance, and they are a great-looking way to cover large, bright windows like the ones on your patio doors.

One of the great things about the newest Hunter Douglas blinds is automation. You can program your motorized blinds to:

  • Open just before you wake up in the morning.
  • Close just after you go to bed at night.
  • Shade the room partially when you’re at work.
  • Open completely do you can enjoy the sunset, or close completely so the sunset doesn’t add a glare on your TV screen.

When you program a schedule into your blinds, you don’t have to think about it again.

Hunter Douglas Skyline Panel Trac Blinds!


In addition to classy shutters and modern blinds, Fasada also carries Hunter Douglas Skyline Panel Trac Blinds. These unique window coverings are paneled shades that can slide aside when they’re not being used.

These blinds are one of the most popular options because the slider system enables users to switch out panels for quick decor updating.

Come into our showroom today to see all of the Hunter Douglas Skyline Panel Trac Blinds we have on display!

Whichever window coverings you choose for your patio sliding doors or exterior French doors, we can deliver and install them quickly and easily.


Professional installation means your window coverings will be level or properly anchored. So give us a call today to talk over your options! 

Come visit us in Oakville for windows and doors to make your home more attractive, functional, efficient and secure, and window coverings to make every room warmer and more comfortable.

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