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Replacement Window Cost: Things You Should Consider

One of the many questions Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Hamilton homeowners ask us at Fasada is what the replacement window cost will be for their project.

When setting your budget, there are a few factors you need to consider:

Operating mechanism

Choosing the window style that’s right for you starts with the operating mechanism you want to install:

  • SLIDING WINDOWS: Available in products such as single hung, double hung, and tilt sliders, sliding windows move inside the frame and are operated by hand.
  • CRANK WINDOWS: Casement or awning type windows open and close via a cranking handle. Usually, crank windows are more energy-efficient than their sliding counterparts.

How does the operating mechanism impact replacement window cost?

Crank windows use compression seal technology to reduce heat loss while sliding windows rely on weather stripping.

  • Because compression seals are more effective, you can expect to pay an average of 12% more for crank windows vs. sliding windows.

Window type

In addition to the windows mentioned earlier in this blog, there are other types available for you to choose from, such as:

How does window type impact replacement window cost?

Simply put, the more complex the window, the higher the window replacement cost. For example:

  • On average, a 5 panel bow window installation runs about $3,600. Meanwhile a 3 panel bay window installation costs $3,000.
  • A single hung window costs, on average, $260 per unit. Double-hung windows average around $550, give or take.
  • It’s hard to determine a set price for custom windows, because it all depends on what you want (i.e. vinyl windows wood) and how many you need.

Installation requirements

The type of windows you select will determine the installation requirements, which are:

  • RETROFITTING: The simpler installation type, retrofitting simply means taking out an old window and putting a new one in its place. The existing window frames and jambs stay as they are.
  • FULL FRAME: Here, the entire frame of your old window is torn out. At this point, installers can spot and resolve issues like rotting wood and condensation. Your new window is installed and ancillary elements like jambs, outdoor bricking, and indoor trim are included to ensure a perfect, seamless fit.

How do installation requirements impact replacement window cost?

Opting to retrofit will lower the replacement window cost vs. going for a full-frame teardown and rebuild.

Here’s another way to look at it: Retrofitting is more cosmetic than anything else, while a full-frame installation actually helps solve problems your old windows may have experienced.

  • On average, a full frame project runs approximately 14% more than a retrofit project.

Contact us for more replacement window cost information

Whether you have a set budget in mind, or are simply doing research, the team at Fasada will gladly answer all your questions for you.

Come visit us in Oakville for windows and doors to make your home more attractive, functional, efficient and secure, and window coverings to make every room warmer and more comfortable.

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