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Start Your Home Update with the Best Blinds for your Kitchen

The New Year often pushes people’s renovation plans into overdrive. There’s something about a fresh, new year that makes people want a fresh new home. Of course, renovations can be expensive. If you aren’t ready to make a big investment in changing your whole home’s look, start with the room that makes the biggest impact—the kitchen.

Families spend so much time in the kitchen, and as the heart of the home, it sets the mood for the rest of your space. Making a big change in your kitchen can change the look of your whole living area.

One simple change you can make, that has a big impact and doesn’t break the bank, is new blinds. Because they take up so much space and change the light conditions in your room, blinds make a huge impact.

Roller Shades for Light Control

Is there a certain time of day when the colour palette in your kitchen looks the best? Perhaps it’s the early morning when your warm colours feel soft and luxurious. Or, it could be those late afternoons when the cold colours in a kitchen will shine the most, with cloud-filtered light. Whatever your favourite time of day is in your kitchen, it’s the outdoor light that is making the difference. With roller shades, you can craft just the right light conditions for the whole day.

Just like other kitchen window treatments from Fasada, roller shades are available in all different shades. They can match your existing palette or add a new twist to the mix.

If the New Year’s blind trends have you considering the design possibilities for your kitchen, reach out to us at Fasada. We offer design advice that can make your kitchen feel fresh and completely on-trend.

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