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You’re Not Alone: The Most Common Window Problems and Complaints

Your windows are an essential feature of your home.

They let you see outside, allow sunshine to stream in, and add design and style to your façade.

But they’re also an investment that needs taking care of.

Here are the most common problems and complaints that come with windows.

1. The insulation is poor

If your windows have poor insulation and outside air is flowing inside your home, it’s time to replace your windows.

If you can feel air coming through your windows after you’ve closed them, there is a problem.

Whether your glass is damaged or your weather stripping needs updating (a common occurrence for Burlington windows), give us a call and we can assess what the problem might be and how we can fix it for you.

If there is a crack in your glass, it is imperative to get that fixed as quickly as possible. Cracked glass is not only an eyesore, it will also increase your energy bills because your cool or warm air will escape, making it more expensive to regulate the air in your home.



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2. My windows always seem to be dirty

Over time, your windows will become stained.

You can scrub, wash, and wipe and make no progress.

If there are stubborn stains on your windows that refuse to come out no matter how much you scrub and how many cleaning chemicals you use, that is a sign that you need new windows.

3. The glass gets foggy & accumulates condensation

If your custom windows fog up and condensate, there is a problem.

Your windows should be crystal clear.

And if they aren’t, Fasada is here to help.

The first step is understanding why your windows fog up.

  • Your window seal is cracked
  • The gas inside the seal leaks out and air comes in
  • Along with air, moisture gets into the cracked seal
  • Your windows fog up

This increases your energy bills and throw any energy savings out the window – until you replace them.

4. My windows are hard to open and close

It shouldn’t be a workout to open and close your windows.

In fact, nearly all of Fasada’s windows are designed to be easy and convenient to open and close.

So if you’re having trouble, something is wrong.

Usually, this is a result of warping and swelling from the weather, which means wood windows are often more affected than other types of windows.

bow windows5. My windows don’t match my style or design

Windows have the power to diminish your curb appeal and overall value of your home. Don’t let this happen.

By updating your windows when they start to look tired and worn out, you can avoid more serious problems (like the aforementioned).

Do These Problems Sound Familiar? Contact Us.

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