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Payment Options

Payment Options

There’s no one size fits all window or door design, so why do some suppliers offer only one way to pay for your new windows and doors?

We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to upgrade your old windows and doors. Which option sounds best to you?

1 Approved loans:

Loans for home improvementLoans are available on approved credit, with low payments across long terms. An affordable 25% deposit is all you need, and the deposit is refundable upon completion if your financing is more than 75%.

2 Credit cards:

credit card paymentsHowever we can maximize your reward and rebate points, we’ll do it. New windows can be a big purchase and bring the potential for great credit card rewards.

3 Pay in full:

pay in fullYou can pay the full price of your windows with a cheque, cash, or debit and save an extra 2% off the entire purchase. That’s $750 on a $15,000 full house update.

Come visit us in Oakville for windows and doors to make your home more attractive, functional, efficient and secure, and window coverings to make every room warmer and more comfortable.

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