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hunter douglas motorized blindsHunter Douglas Motorized Blinds received the 2016 Red Dot Design Award, the most prestigious award in the design world.

Hunter Douglas motorized blinds

PowerView Motorization allows you to:

  • Control any of your PowerView equipped window coverings from anywhere in the house with the stylish Pebble Remote Control or Pebble Scene Controller.
  • Control any of your PowerView equipped window coverings from anywhere in the world with the smartphone and tablet app.
  • Create ambiance profiles to get the perfect light, or shade, in your room.
  • Create time-based automatic shading profiles to automatically lower or raise the shades based on the time of day.

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Imagine waking up as the shades are automatically drawn, letting the morning sun shine in just when you want, or putting the kids to bed as the shades automatically draw to half-length to block out the bright street lights.

Scheduling and smart features

Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds Work with NestJust how far can you customize your window shades?

You could program an endless number of scenes to active on any specific day at any specific time, and you can coordinate scenes across rooms for complete home integration.

This is particularly effective in homes with open floor plans, where the light from the kitchen, dining room, family room and office all mingle together. The kitchen shades may need to draw down further than the family room shades as the sun sets, while the dining room windows only slightly draw to block a reflection off the neighbors’ house.

The possibilities are endless! You can even allow the Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds to calculate local sunrise and sunset times itself, taking even more work out of your hands.

Want to see PowerView Motorization firsthand? Stop by our gallery today!

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