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Pirouette Blinds BurlingtonGorgeous Pirouette blinds will make your interior look better than ever, while allowing you to conveniently control the amount of natural light and privacy for your home.

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The unique design sets this line apart from other window covering options. They have soft fabric vanes that are set in a horizontal design, attached to a single sheer backing. When you pull on the operating cord, the fabric vanes expand and allow a soft, filtered light to come into the room. If you pull again, you can pull the blinds completely up and allow for a clear view to the outside.

These operate smoothly via manual lift or remote control.

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Choose from Endless Design Options to Express your Design Taste

Select from a wide array of fabric choices, including cotton, bamboo flax, linen, angelica, shantung, satin and satin metallic, then select the colour that will make an impact on your décor from more than 65 colors. Finally, you choose your light filtering preference – you can choose from semi opaque to room darkening.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Pirouette Blinds BurlingtonWhen down (but open), the blinds can block up to 81% of harmful rays, while up to 99% of harmful rays can be blocked when they are down and closed.

Work With Us to Enhance the Look of Your Home

We aren’t just order takers. Our team works with you to ensure that you get a final result that exceeds your expectations- we’ve been praised over and over again for the unexpected design expertise that we’re able to offer our clients.

You get the striking results you would expect from working with a designer, at the cost of a competitively priced retailer/installer.

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