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Burlington is laid out in a fairly seamless grid, with most neighbourhoods occupying conveniently simple boundaries.

We love this because the homes are totally unique from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, and it allows us to recommend unique windows, doors and window coverings that mesh seamlessly with the special style of an area.

We can also recommend upgrades based on some of the clear geographical and microclimate features of each neighbourhood.

For example…

Homeowners in Tyandaga, Mountainside, Palmer and Tansley don’t realize how much QEW road noise floats through their old windows until they experience a night behind sound-insulating, energy efficient casement windows.

Most homes were built in these areas before modern windows and steel insulated doors took a bite out of noise pollution. Now you can upgrade without changing the way your exterior looks.

Homes north of these areas, in Brant Hills, Headon Forest, Millcroft, The Orchard and Alton Village are far enough away from high traffic roads and the cool lake Ontario breeze that they get more windows-open days than any other part of Burlington.

Convenient garden doors and easy single slider windows make it simple to open up and let the fresh air in.

I live downtown, south of the QEW

All homes in downtown and south Burlington are older character homes that incur more changes in temperature than any other part of the city. Mature trees help regulate some of the cold winter wind blowing off Lake Ontario, but homes here still suffer from excessively high heating bills in the winter.

Three ways to waste less on heating and maintain or even improve the classic style of your home in south Burlington :

No matter where you are in Burlington, we have something special for your family home.

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