Eclipse® Shutters compared to other Window Coverings

Eclipse® Shutters compared to other Window Coverings

When it comes to making the choice of interior window coverings, most people consider blinds and/or drapery treatments. Both have their pros and cons.

There is another option – Shutters!

With their elegance and variety of advantages and benefits, shutters are the perfect solution for those who want their window coverings to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Interior Shutters vs. Curtains and Draperies

Depending on the material curtains and/or draperies are made from, they can range from the most inexpensive option for window coverings to the most expensive. When draperies are closed, they block out most of air and light and they do offer privacy; however, draperies made out of thinner fabrics may provide less privacy. Open drapes allow airflow but there is little light control. They tend to attract dush and may need cleaning a few times a year, possibly dry cleaning depending on the fabric.

In comparison, Eclipse® Shutters offer complete control of airflow and light to the room. The tilt bar allows the lovers to be adjusted from a clear and open view to total privacy while still allowing air to flow freely. They are very easy to care for as they require a simple wipe down or wash in place, as necessary.

Interior Shutters vs. Blinds

Blinds are similar to interior shutters but can differ in material, look, and value. Blinds do offer more control for privacy and airflow but when it comes to aesthetics they do not compare to California or Plantation Shutters. Because of their construction, they offer minimal insulation and energy efficiency benefits.

Advantages of Shutters

Shutters have a lovely, streamlined appearance. The louvers are controlled by the center or rear tilt bar for a seamless look. Eclipse® Shutters are sturdy and engineered to add the benefit of energy efficiency by blocking out the hot rays of the sun in the summer and cold drafts in the winter. Unlike many other brands of shutters, Eclipse Shutters can last 25 years with minimum care. They are UV resistant so do not damage from the sun and cannot be damaged by water or steam in areas that may have high moisture such as the bathroom or kitchen. Unlike draperies and blinds, shutters provide ultimate control over both.

Energy Benefits of Eclipse® Shutters

Eclipse® Shutters are at the top of the list for energy efficiency. At a time when trimming costs and conserving energy is at the top of any homeowner’s mind, having shutters installed in your home is an easy and economical choice.

Cool in the Summer

There are pockets of air designed into the louver and frame which virtually eliminates solar heat gain during the summer making them extremely energy efficient. UV stabilizers are built into Eclipse® Shutters that create a smooth non-porous surface that helps to reflect the heat from the sun.

Warm in the Winter

Closing shutters against the winter drafts make a room both cozy and warmer. Since so much heat is lost through poorly insulated windows, shutters can provide another barrier to help keep the heat where it should be – inside!

Reduce Energy Costs with Energy Efficient Shutters

With shutters on your windows, you save money on heating and cooling bills by keeping the sunlight and heat out in the summer and by keeping your family warm and cozy during the winter’s months. During the spring and fall, shutters control how much airflow comes inside which helps to regulate the temperature of the home. By adjusting the louvers, you may be able to keep the AC off a little longer or keep the heat in for a few more weeks.


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