Entry Doors for Canadian Winters

When considering an entry door that will help it withstand the cold Canadian winters, there are a few things to consider.

Entry Doors reflect you and your personal style, provide security and efficiency, and increase the value of your home. Our design consultations will help you achieve this beautiful result.

Fibreglass Entry Doors

Fibreglass entry doors are both affordable and low maintenance. This makes them a popular choice for homeowners. Mastergrain doors use polyurethane foam to reduce the loss of energy and make them very efficient and well insulated

Steel Entry Doors

A great option for keeping the heat in during the winter are steel doors due to the fact that they are strong, well insulated for energy efficiency, require low maintenance and will not be affected by harsh winter conditions. Steel is also a good choice if you are concerned about security. 

The TruTech/Trubilt Doors collection have modern and innovative features thatinclude contemporary and traditional doors. They carry the Energy Star label.

Mastergrain Doors is a door that conveys your most stylish self. The ravishing looks of wood married with the durability of high quality, hardwearing fiberglass. All Mastergrain Doors are Energy Star qualified, which means that installing them will help you save on your heating and cooling costs.

What to look for in an entry door for winter.

  • You want a door that is well-insulated to help keep the heat inside and the cold out. A door with a high R-value (a measure of insulation effectiveness) is a good choice.
  • Weatherstripping will help seal out drafts.
  • Solid wood doors provide natural insulation properties, but they can be expensive and require more maintenance. Fiberglass or steel doors are good choices that offer good insulation and require less maintenance.
  • Look for doors with good-quality hardware, including hinges and a deadbolt, to help keep the door secure and able to withstand high winds.
  • Look for a door design that prevents water buildup so there is not leakage on or around the door edges.

Choose an energy-efficient door with an ENERGY STAR lable to help lower your energy bills. This label indicates that the door meets the strict energy efficiency guidelines. Only manufacturers and retailers whose products meet the ENERGY STAR® criteria can label their products with this symbol.

Design Consultation

Schedule an In-depth home design consultation with one of Fasada’s experts, where we will gather information on your project needs and wants, combined with recommendations of our product selections that will address your requirements.

We will complete all the necessary measurements and help select the right product style and colour so that we can provide you with a quotation.