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How We Work

Our team members understand that your home is one of your greatest investments and we treat it that way.
You can trust us to take absolute care of your project details from design to installation.

Your Fasada experience will always be friendly, satisfying with outstanding customer service and delivery.

As a tight-knit team, you will come to know almost all of us, so please pop by the store, have a coffee and connect with us. We look forward to warmly welcoming you and courteously helping you. We also love to support local, so please let us know more about you so we can return the customer courtesy.

Helping our customers every step of the way!

On time Appointments

  • Complimentary In-Home Design Consults
  • Digital Design Consults
  • In Boutique Consults
  • We schedule specific appointment times rather than a window of time so you can go about your day as planned.
  • We will enter your home with respect and courtesy. We are well known and trusted within the community and look forward to the opportunity to help you.

Design Services & Measurement

  • Our experienced designer's will review your home, your needs, answer any questions and help to determine your best options. Measurements will be taken so accurate quotes are presented.
  • And a complimentary, additional check-measure will occur before custom manufacturing to ensure precision with your order.


  • Convenient samples will accompany our designer so you can easily compare some finishes in the comfort of your own home.
  • Or, visit our boutique for the wide array of displays and a larger visual for inspiration on how things can look in your home.
  • We are so much more than order-takers. Our team enjoys working with you to ensure that you get a final result that exceeds your expectations – we’ve been praised over and over for the unexpected design expertise that we’re able to offer our clients.


  • A detailed quote, highlighting every element of your project will be presented to you so your needs and budget are met.
  • Fasada is proud to offer boutique services on quality brand name products at better than box-store pricing.
  • You get the striking results you would expect from working with a designer at the cost of a competitively priced retailer/installer.


  • Quick, courteous and professional installation.
  • When it’s time to install the Fasada team will:
  • Be there when on time
  • Treat your home like our own
  • Install in the most efficient manner
  • Clean-up afterwards
  • All you have to do is let us in, let us work and enjoy the results afterwards.

Post Install

  • For over 20 years we have been supporting our customers throughout their home re-modelling journey.
  • We are here to help with any questions post installation plus any warranty offerings from our manufacturers.

My goodness the corner of Bronte & Dundas has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. When we first set up shop at this intersection, we were surrounded by tumble weeds with the curiosity as to why we even chose to locate here. Thankfully the crystal ball was right, and we are proud to be located on one of the busiest and most accessible street corners in Oakville.

Funny story, we’ve heard from first time customers that they used to think we were a restaurant. We always get a laugh from this and say, “why didn’t you come dine with us sooner;)”. I guess it’s the unique front we have that looks restaurant worthy – so, with that being said, the time has come for an enhancement.

Welcome to the Fasada Beautiful Homes & Healthy Homes new logo!! We like to call it Fasada 2.0 for 2020.

The Buyers Guide To

Energy Efficient Doors

What’s wrong with your windows and doors?

Even new homes run into problems with window frame rot, drafty windows and doors installation, foggy glass, or flimsy, unsafe doors.

With our products, service and windows & doors installation, you’ll never run into these problems again. So whether you’re updating your current home with custom-looking window coverings or bringing your new home up to a higher standard with new Oakville windows and doors, we’re the smart choice.

Come visit us in Oakville for windows and doors to make your home more attractive, functional, efficient and secure, and window coverings to make every room warmer and more comfortable.

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