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Our Hunter Douglas Blinds

There are so many reasons to update your home! Perhaps you’ve just moved?
Are you wanting to update your current space with a brand-new look?
Or, do you want to improve your energy efficiency and light control?

Fasada is a proud Hunter Douglas Gallery boutique offering you our commitment to premiere window treatments to enhance your home – turning everyday living into a luxury, sensory experience. Hunter Douglas window coverings will transform the light in your home, elevating everyday living and defining the mood of your unique and beautiful space. Explore different materials, styles, operating systems, fabrics, colours and choose the perfect window-treatment solution for your home.

Beautiful, Custom-Designed Window Treatments are Waiting for You.
Window Treatments transform light into a comforting glow.

Enjoy the magic of light transformation with these blinds.

Alustra Blinds

  • This blind is unique and the exclusive fabric options available only to Hunter Douglas Gallery stores
  • Distinctive details and custom combination for homeowners that place a priority on design and the fine details
  • Incredible style & superior quality craftsmanship plus top-notch benefits of functionality and efficiency
The Alustra blind is available in:
  • Silouette
  • Pirouette
  • Vignette Roman Shades
  • Luminette Privacy Sheers
  • Duette Architella
  • Vertiglide Honeycomb Shades
  • Screen Shades
  • Woven Texture

Applause Blinds

  • These shades are streamlined cellular shades and are the only honeycomb shade available with a double-cell construction
Key Features are:
  • Unique to Applause shades is the high-degree of energy-efficiency
  • The Vertiglide operating system offers exceptional vertical solution for large windows and sliding glass doors
  • The Applause shade is a perfect choice for a room that needs complimentary horizontal and vertical window treatments

Many Burlington homes enjoy the both the functional benefits and aesthetics that the honeycomb blind offers.

Enjoy artful designs for a fully dressed window offering ample layering opportunities for vibrant styling in your home.

Design Studio Shades

  • Custom Designed Shades available in Exclusive Designer Fabrics
Key Features are:
  • Exquisite Fabrics with lofty textures, alluring jacquards, and luminous sheers
  • These performance fabrics provide UV stability, durability and stain resistance also available
  • An attached white liner provides light control and energy-saving insulation
  • The simple clean lines of an optional valance add style to a wide array of HD window treatments. Heights available are: 8”, 12” and 16”

Designer Banded

  • A Roller Shade & Sheer Shade, combined into 1 single beautiful shade
  • Create varying dimensions of light with a single banded shade
  • Shift the solid bands to overlap for extreme privacy or align the solid bands for a natural diffusion of illumination
Key Features are:
  • A beautiful fabric collection for you to choose from in both light-filtering and room-darkening opacities
  • Fabric wrapped header in a square design provides a superior top treatment
  • The smooth, precise operation makes larger shades easy to raise so perfect for large windows

Designer Banded Shades are gorgeous and functional!

Roller shades are simple yet endlessly versatile with a timeless design

Designer Shades

  • Roller Shades are one of our most popular styles of shade because of the simple clean appearance, versatility, durability and premium style
  • Your options range from completely sheer to blackout
  • You choose from natural or woven textures and pick a colour that’s a perfect accent to your home. There are over 100 colours, textures and patterns to choose from
Key Features are:
  • Over 300 fabrics to choose from
  • The Custom Clutch is a superior operating system featuring modern hardware and precision that is engineered to lift technology that delivers the smallest light gap in the industry
  • Customize your Roller shades with top and bottom treatments

Duette Shades

  • An innovative, versatile window treatment that looks beautiful and insulates your home year-round
  • Duette Shades beautifully cover unusually shaped windows such as skylights
Key Features are:
  • Enjoy the largest selection in the industry with over 200 fabric choices
  • Energy-efficiency and durability
  • Room darkening and sound absorption
  • Offering both horizontal & vertical application

The Hunter Douglas Duettes offer premium design and style.

Popular in many Burlington, Milton and Stoney Creek homes, these shades are made to last & are budget friendly.

Everwood & Parkland Blinds

  • The beautiful look of wood blinds without the maintenance
  • Classic hardwood looks that withstand humid weather and sun exposure
  • Faux wood blinds resist fading, yellowing, warping and bowing – making them a dream option for bathrooms, sunrooms, and alike
Key Features are:
  • Simply rotate the slats to manage incoming light and privacy
  • These shades are available in stylish colours, realistic textures, and decorative tapes
  • Want to darken your room? The de-Light TM feature eliminates cord holes and reduces light leaks, blocking 50% more light than a traditional wood blind construction.

Luminette Shades

  • Luminette Privacy Sheers provide light when you want it and privacy when you need it.
Key Features are:
  • Concealed Hardware—When your sheers are closed, the SofTrak hardware system is concealed by the fabric for a polished look. This proprietary system makes operation easy and reliable.
  • Sheer Fabrics & Textures—Luminette sheers are available in a wide variety of fabrics, textures and colours.
  • A room-darkening option is also available in all selections.
  • All Luminette fabrics are available in cut yardage, so you can coordinate fabrics and create decorative accents like pillows and duvets.

Luminette sheers are the perfect choice for wide expanses of glass, sliding doors and other vertical applications.

The Ultimate Sheer Shade

Nantucket Shades

  • Nantucket shades are tasteful and timeless with light-transforming properties
  • The 3” fabric vanes are suspended between two sheer fabric facings, creating a warm,diffused-light effect
Key Features are:
  • Transform your light with the Signature S-Vane which softens and diffuses ambient light as it enters a room
  • Fabric vanes that are suspended between two sheers can tilt to achieve your desired privacy
  • The Nantucket shade offers a UV Protection of at least 75% of harmful UV rays

Pirouette Blinds

  • An exclusive product to Hunter Douglas, Pirouette shadings feature softly contoured, front-facing fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing
  • When opened and closed, the Pirouette’s vanes move in tandem for a fluid, graceful effect
  • Shades can be raised completely into a headrail for a totally unobstructed view
Key Features are:
  • Over 65 bold fabrics & colours
  • Light filtering ranges from semi opaque to room darkening
  • The Invisi-Lift is a Hunter Douglas revolutionary system that allows the vanes to float gracefully on a single sheer backing, providing views with no obstructing cords or tapes
  • The UV Protection blocks up to 81% of harmful UV rays with the vanes open and 99% with the vanes closed

Pirouette shades are a premium design wih extraordinary versatility and elegance in a fabric shading.

The Ultimate Sheer Shade

Silhouette Blinds

  • The fabric vanes float between two sheers allowing you to control exactly how and when light comes into your home
  • You have two choices when the silhouette blinds are down- open or closed panels
  • Opening allows for some privacy while letting loads of natural light in through the sheer material
  • When raised, blinds disappear completely into the head rail which can be customized with a number of different fabric choices
Key Features are:
  • Premium Design & Style
  • UV Protection that filters up to 88% of the sun’s harmful rays
  • Privacy & Light Control
  • Customize the level of privacy simply by tilting the vanes
  • Room-darkening as well as Increased view-through
  • Child and Pet safe with the patented UltraGlide Lite Rise cordless system

Solera Shades

  • The fluid, unique look of Soler R Soft Shades is created by combining the soft folds of a classic Roman shade with the construction of a cellular shade such as honeycomb or duette
Key Features are:
  • Highly energy efficienct due to the cellular construction that increases insulating properties
  • Every fabric available in light-filtering and room-darkening opacities
  • The Top Down/Bottom-Up design option allows for optimal light control and versatile operation
  • The insulating cellular construction absorbs sound so helps to improve room’s acoustics

Enjoy the timeless beauty of Roman shades with a contemporary twist.

Sonnette shades are beautiful in any room but especially enhances those that bring in plenty of natural light

Sonnette Shade

  • The Sonnette has the simplicity of a roller shade with the added bonus of energy efficiency
  • This cellular roller shade looks like a simple roller shade but is actually crafted from two layers of fabric that diffuse light and create a soft glow at your window
  • Sonnette blinds are available in many colour options

Vertical Blinds

  • Take a minimalistic approach to decorating your space with Vertical Solutions Vertical Blinds
  • Commonly used on patio door entryways that are heavily trafficked, it is important to select quality products that are durable. These Verticals offer over 81 colour options, so it is easy to match your wall colour perfectly
  • The carefully manufactured head rail ensures care-free and smooth operation – so your panels will never get stuck
Key Features are:
  • Available in fabric and vinyl options
  • Vertical blinds absorb sound so improve your room’s acoustics while reducing the intensity of outside noise

An Economical Vertical Blind with a Designer Look.

A roman shade with a modern twist.

Hunter Douglas Vignette Blinds

  • Luxurious fabrics and soft folds give Vignette a clean, crisp look and a premium design & style
  • Each full or flat fold in the fabric is designed to create a uniform aesthetic that operates seamlessly with the added benefit of no exposed rear cords, improving the window aesthetic and enhances child safety
Key Features are:
  • Gorgeous Fabrics offered in sheer, light-filtering and room darkening opacities
  • A wide array of colours and textures that includes silks, linens, tweeds and natural weaves
  • The Vignette blinds have two style options:
  • The Rolling Style 4” or 6” fold that rolls up into the headrail
  • The Stacking Style lies neatly beneath a low-profile headrail for shallow mounting depths and is available in a 4” full fold
  • A consistent appearance that maintains a full or flat fold and requires minimal fabric dressing when you raise or lower them
  • Duolite combines light-filtering or sheer front shade with a built-in-room-darkening back panel, both housed on a single roller to achieve perfect levels of light and privacy
  • All Vignette fabrics are available in cut yardage, so you can create decorative accents with matching fabric

Hunter Douglas Powerview

Imagine waking up as the shades are automatically open, letting the morning sun in, timed perfectly for your natural wake-up. Or, creating the bedtime ritual for your kids, the shades automatically close to block out the bright street lights and their restful night of sleep begins.

Programming your window treatments is simple with these steps:

  • Operate from home with the Pebble R Remote Control.
  • Control Your Shades with Voice when PowerView is integrated with the smart-home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Siri R on your Apple device or the Google Assitant.
  • For the ultimate in convenience, the PowerView R App is a perfect way to manage your shades when you’re home or away.
  • Your home can be more energy-efficient. In Summer, schedule your motorized shades to close at midday to prevent overheating. In Winter, schedule them to open during the day inviting natural sunlight and warmth.

Hunter Douglas Motorization
Motorized Blinds Simplify Your Life

We value our relationship with Hunter Douglas and work seamlessly with them to provide you with outstanding customer service and an enjoyable experience from the project start to the end!

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