Keeping The Heat In With Blinds

As winter settles in and brings cold temperatures, we think about keeping our home warm without turning on the thermostat too high. It’s a battle against the thermometer as the mercury dips and looking for ways to keep the heat in and the cold out without breaking the bank on heating bills.

One of the ways you can conserve energy is by making smart choices with your blinds. The amount of heat lost through your windows can depend on the material used and how they are used.

According to, about 30% of your home’s heating energy is lost out of the windows.

Do Blinds Keep Heat in?

We are often asked if blinds can really keep the heat in. The fact is that they can. How much heat is largely dependent on several factors, like the material of the blinds, their colour, and style. It is also helpful to open them when the sun is shining and close them when it is not.

The Best Blinds to Keep Heat inside

You have an endless amount of selection and design choices when selecting blinds that will help keep the heat in your home this winter. The best options will be blinds that are not slatted, as they will be much more effective at trapping air inside your home.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are the ideal choice when it comes to keeping the heat in your home where it belongs. When the temperature outside drops, cellular shades provide optimum insulation as they prevent temperature exchange from the outdoors to the inside your home. There is a wide range of fabrics and colours to choose from with cellular shades, so you can feel confident that your interior design won’t be affected.

Select the Right Fabric

While fabric won’t completely eliminate heat loss through your windows, some fabrics are superior to others.

What to keep in mind when selecting the fabric for your blinds:

  • High-quality thermal materials are going to be your best bet to keep heat in
  • Blackout blinds tend to be thicker as well and are the next best choice after thermal
  • Blinds that are highly reflective on one side (usually white), and heat-absorbing on the other side (dark in colour), can be reversed with the seasons to enhance energy savings.

Size Matters

In order to keep the heat in, the blinds must be the correct size for your window. They should sit as close as possible to the window and overlap slightly, as any gaps will reduce their efficacy by allowing heat to escape.

Interested in keeping the heat in this winter? 

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