Maintenance Tips for your Entry Doors

Your exterior entry doors are the first thing you or your guests see when visiting and last longer and look their best when properly maintained.

With the warm days here, you may get the urge to clean windows and since your front door welcomes your visitors, it is a good time to also have your doors looking their best.

Here are some tips for maintaining entry doors:

  • choose a gentle cleanser, such as diluted dish soap, or baby shampoo for steel, fiberglass, and wood doors
  • with a mixture of Murphy’s oil soap and water, wipe clean wrought iron doors
  • lint-free cloths or sponges are ideal as abrasive tools can scratch and leave marks
  • use as little water as possible and absorb excess liquid with a cloth
  • a power washer or garden hose to rinse the door can cause water to enter your home through the seams
  • on glass panels use a household glass cleaner or vinegar and water and try paper coffee filters for a streak-free finish.

For stubborn stains, either on the glass or the door, you can try a stronger cleaner like mineral spirits. A mixture of baking soda and water works well for oil or grease marks.

Inspecting for damage

It is a good idea to routinely inspect your exterior doors for any damage, either to the door itself, the weather stripping, and hardware. This way, you can ensure your door remains in good condition.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Cracks in the frame or glass
  • Faded, cracked, chipped or peeling finish
  • Moisture and fog between glass panels
  • Splits or signs of moisture damage in the frame
  • Damage to the weatherstrip

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