Make your Home the Envy of the Block

Make your Home the Envy of the Block

Patio doors can dramatically change the atmosphere of a home. They provide an attractive architectural accent, increase the value of your home through appearance, and are energy-saving.

The Trubilt Garden Entry Door Collection is perfect for letting natural light fill your home no matter the season.

Sliding screens conveniently allow you to let in more light, bring in the fresh air and open up your space. Screens can be painted to match your doors, providing a cohesive look. Beauty and function to outdoor decks and patios – now that’s something to smile about.

There are three primary patio door styles:

French, sliding and folding. Choose which type works best for you based on the space available and the amount of ventilation desired.

French doors, also known as hinged doors, have classic elegant lines and consist of one or more panels. The panels are usually made of glass and constructed so that at least one of the panels can swing in or out.

  • They are ideal in areas where there are high winds because the harder the wind blows against them, the tighter the seal they make when pressed against the jamb.
  • They can consist of one or two doors that both open, or one of the doors can be fixed in place, providing added flexibility for the amount of ventilation and light you prefer.

Sliding doors require less space and offer straight, simple lines that lend a room a contemporary look. They maximize light and allow large volumes of air through a room. Stackable Sliding Doors allow you to enjoy oversized open spaces by stacking multiple doors all to one side. Basically, this door extends indoor living to the outside. Perfect for the entertainer in you.


You have a choice of doors made from a variety of materials. These include wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel, and fibreglass. Each one offers a combination of unique benefits. 

Wood doors were once the preference for hinged patio doors. Aluminum or steel construction was common for gliding doors. Today’s doors offer the benefits of both materials. Patio doors can have the elegance of wood on the interior side and the weather-resistant strength of vinyl, aluminum, or steel on the exterior side.

When picking out your doors, consider options such as weather stripping, security, and decorative hardware. Because patio doors are typically on the backside of a home or a side with less exposure to the street, improved security should be considered by ensuring that hinged and gliding doors have dual locking hardware.

For added security and privacy, choose from our wide selection of blinds. Whether you like vertical blinds, panel track blinds or blinds between the glass, Fasada has it all.

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