MasterGrain is the door your home deserves.

When you choose MasterGrain, you’re choosing gorgeously precise engineering coupled with their passion for everything ‘door’ – from looks, to smooth operation, to longevity. MasterGrain believes ‘one size fits no-one’ and styled their doors in four distinct ranges with many options within each.

Fasada is a MasterGrain Door boutique offering you our commitment to premiere door treatments to enhance your home. 

MasterGrain is a door that projects your most stylish self. Once you’ve chosen your style of door, you’ll want to make it even more yours, with its paint colours or stain finish.

Rustic Collection

Whether you call it your cottage, cabin, or camp, the ‘house in the woods’ has an appeal to Canadians from coast to coast. Down to earth, timeless and extremely welcoming with their soft curves, or planks, Rustic says ‘come on in and sit awhile with us’. View their Rustic Collection

Classic Collection

Your friends won’t believe it isn’t real wood! Combining classic design with industry-leading technology, the Classic Collection offers an elegant way to say “welcome home.” View their Classic Collection

Craftsman Collection

West coast warmth, beautiful simplicity and inviting, simple square and rectangle shapes are what make Craftsman doors so desirable in a wide variety of homes. Consider incorporating vintage-look glass for an authentic vibe. Available in Smooth Edge or Fir. View their Craftsman Collection

Contemporary Collection

Clean, clear lines and a focus on direct set glass define the Contemporary Collection. No wood grains! Where details are minimal, they matter even more. Your chosen colour and hardware will really shine when you go Contemporary. View their Contemporary Collection

Contemporary EDGE Collection

The perfectly smooth compliment to their industry-leading wood grain fiberglass door lineup. This is the only collection without wood grain. Available in both in traditional and contemporary styles. View Contemporary EDGE Collection

Simulated Divided Lites Collection

Simulated divided lites help brighten your entranceway. MasterGrain’s custom configurations ensure your doorway reflects your entranceway dreams perfectly. View Simulated Lites Collection

Your beautiful door is engineered to keep your home and everybody inside, safe from the outside world and protected from our harsh climate extremes. There’s something about the smooth, quality open and close of our heavy, 2 ¼ inch thick door that says ‘sanctuary’.

Whether it’s a hello, a goodbye or simply a ‘honey, I’m home!’, it’s a special feeling to come home to a MasterGrain door.