Our Our Response to Covid-19

Dear Fasada Community,

We hope you and your families are staying healthy and safe during this time.

As a business of over 20 years in Oakville, serving and supporting our local community is our top priority. To respect social distancing and the Government regulations that have been implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19, Fasada will be closing its doors to the public and pivoting to a digital presence during this time.

We will now be offering Free Digital Design Consultations for Fasada and our Wellness and Healthy Home Consultations from Luksuz Life via Zoom for the foreseeable future. Due to no longer being able to interact with human connection, we want to show up more digitally to help you every day and get to know you in a new way.

This consistent digital presence also comes with an exciting rebrand of Fasada. Stay tuned for the release of Fasada 2.0. You will begin to see new elements appearing on our socials and web. We want to ensure that we are serving you, our community, to the best of our ability. If there is content you would like to learn about or things we could do to help you, please let us know.

With that being said, we are taking things on a day to day basis and trying our best not to fear the future. As a community, we are stronger together. The Jukica Family wants to offer assistance to any of those in quarantine or who are fearful of leaving the safety of their homes, by helping to deliver any orders of immune-boosting foods and supplies.

We recommend supporting local more than ever at this time also. We shop at Nature’s Emporium Burlington, for a safe and clean shopping experience that encourages healthy options. Another alternative is Savor Living for healthy, vegan, meal delivery options. Fueling your body with natural solutions is so critical during times like this.

With so much more time at home, we want to offer you solutions to ensure you are in a healthy home. Together, let’s take the first step in cleaning out your cleaning products. At this time, you don’t want to be filling the air with toxins and synthetic fragrances that are harming the health of you and your family, including your furry friends. We are more than happy to offer a Free local delivery service of a simple Healthy Home Starter Kit with an On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, a re-usable spray bottle or Toxin-Free Window Cleaner along with a 15-minute support phone call.

We are sending love and health to you and your families during this difficult time. Please, let’s all do our part to put an end to this outbreak. 

Ivica & Kimberly Jukica