Personalized Door Trends

We are still spending more time indoors than in previous years. Our home is the primary setting of our lives: where we work, sleep, and socialize.

Your home reflects your style, and it’s good to invest in design features that characterize your space and tell your unique story. That goes for your front door as well. It’s fun to watch the current market trends.

There is a growing trend toward breaking tradition. Homeowners are personalizing their choices more, and society is much more accepting of individual tastes. We no longer hesitate to stand apart from the crowd. The front door is a welcome display of our individuality. Clean, uncluttered designs are a refreshing contrast for people seeking balance and harmony.

In response to these door trends, TruTech has many diverse options for door and glass products that celebrate the personal touch and non-traditional solutions and have manufactured doors with a minimalistic sophistication. Doors manufactured by TruTech are functional and add aesthetic value to your home.

Fasada is a proud TruTech/Trubilt Door Systems boutique offering you our commitment to premiere door treatments to enhance your home – turning everyday living into a luxury experience. Since 1998, TruTech has been a leader in manufacturing attractive entry door systems with quality, energy-efficient and full-featured doors for exceptional value.

We are pleased with how effortless it is to navigate the TruTech “Design Your Door” page. You can make your favourite selections, add selected designs, print off a tear sheet, and bring it into Fasada so we can make the perfect door for your home.

The colour of your front door is more than just a decorative statement. The colour is instant, powerful and conveys an expressive message. Whether you gravitate towards soothing neutral colours or intense contrasting bold statement colours, finding that perfect colour that accents your home can be fun.

We have seen increased interest in the TruTech Craftsman doors with a modern twist. Using a smooth Belmont fiberglass door with a bright colour in contrast to the colour of the rest of the house is an excellent example.

With smooth, oak, and mahogany Fiberglass doors available and a wide variety of decorative glass to match, you are bound to find the perfect contemporary design for your home.


Laura Allegra – “We are very pleased with our door. It looks beautiful! Fasada was great. Reasonable turnaround time, very friendly and excellent customer service. We are overall very happy and highly recommend them.”

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