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awning windowsOur energy saving awning windows are a popular choice for homeowners in Oakville.

This style is flush to your exterior when closed, but they are hinged horizontally and open from the bottom, with the bottom of the window moving outward.

This style is ideal for spaces that require a good deal of air circulation- they can even be let open in the rain. The rain simply rolls off the window and to the ground, not into your house.

The high quality crank opener allows you to control the amount of ventilation with no struggle, and you can choose a folding handle that doesn’t protrude from the frame for a truly seamless & clean look.

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Spend Less to Maintain Your Indoor Air Temperature

Awning Windows

The fine pile weather seals prevent air leakage, and our unique spacer between window panes minimize temperature exchange and allow you to pay less to heat (or cool) your home to your ideal temperature.

Adding argon gas to the spacing area minimizes temperature exchange even further.

Airtight Design Means No Drafts

The multipoint locks are airtight and the outer frame and sash that holds the glass in place are fusion-welded together to eliminate air leakage.

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Manufactured for Security

Rest assured that you will not be susceptible to break-ins with our security focused manufacturing. They come with multipoint locks making them extremely difficult to pry open. This ensures security and safety-even on the ground floor.

Blend With Your Interior Décor

You can customize these windows so they seamlessly coordinate with your home. Use our design expertise to help you choose the right paint. Our paints are fade resistant and offer a 15-year warranty.

Choose from a wide range of standard paint colours (including white, black brown, high-gloss brown, hickory, sable, sandstone, cream, grey and more). You can also create your own custom colour.

You can also choose a laminate wood finish – will it be natural or cherry oak?

An Investment that can Last a Lifetime

The limited manufacturers warranty gives you peace of mind knowing the product will be free of defects.

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