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Bay windows usually include a large window that’s hung between two double-hung or casement windows joined together to form a large viewing area.

You can often find vinyl bay windows in the front of homes, but they are also found in back rooms and bedrooms. Homeowners often build a window seat on the inside of the home in the bay window area to provide a nice spot to read or enjoy the outdoor view.

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Windows to Last as Long as You Need

Bay windows installed by Fasada won’t rot, warp or crack. Chances are you won’t need to make the same purchase again as long as you live in your current home.

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Compliment Your Interior & Exterior Décor

Vinyl Bay Windows in Burlington

The look of vinyl bay windows can be customized by choosing from different exterior brick molds and different interior wood types. Wood choices include plywood, oak, birch, mahogany and white aborite. Interior laminates are also available in cherry and natural oak finishes.

Paint choices include those that include a 15-year warranty and are weather resistant. Choose from a wide range of  standard colours or request a custom colour.

The standard choices include: white, cream, sandstone, sable, grey, hickory, high gloss brown, commercial brown, black and more.

Spend Less on Heating & Cooling

The frame and sash of the windows are welded together to form the strongest seal, while the super spacer insulation reduced heat and cold transfer between panes (this keeps air cooler in summer and warmer in winter).

Poor Installation Impacts Your Efficiency

We will install your windows flawlessly to guarantee that you benefit from your investment.

If you select a company that doesn’t provide high-quality installation services, you’ll experience the same problems that led you to look for new windows in the first place.

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