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bow windowsBow windows – popular in Burlington homes – are a series of four or more adjoining pieces that are installed in a rounded shape from the wall. You can choose options that open, stay fixed and closed, or a combination of both.

Decrease Your Energy Bill

There are many ways that you can decrease your energy bill and save money when you have bow windows. Some of these include:

  • Adding additional spacing between the glazing panes to reduce temperature transfer from the inside to the outside; this helps you to keep cool in the summer and toasty warm in winter
  • Draft proof windows are created when our technicians flawlessly weld the frame and sash – the part that holds the panes inside the frame – together

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Match Your Décor Perfectly

Fasada offers not just technical services – we also offer design consultation services. For years, our customers have praised us for providing the complimentary service- giving them the stunning results achieved through working with a designer without the cost.

Bow Windows
We can help you to perfectly match your new bow windows to the décor of your home:

  • You can customize the look of your new windows by choosing from different exterior brick molds and different interior wood types (all will be insulated for better efficiency than plain wood and choices include plywood, oak, birch, mahogany and white aborite)
  • Your choice of interior laminate (cherry or natural oak finish)
  • Choose a paint colour from a wide range of standard choices or a custom colour you choose. The paint we use is resistant to weather and fading and is backed by a 15-year warranty
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Maximize Your Investment with Expert Installation

Don’t jeopardize the results of your investment by going with an installer with anything less than a shining reputation.

Our expert installation ensures that you don’t continue to have the same problems- the rotting, condensation, or drafts- that you had in the first place.

Long Life Products

All of our windows are built with high quality materials and modern manufacturing processes so that you can feel confident in your investment.

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