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Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows Oakville

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double hung windows
Double hung windows are divided into two movable portions; both can slide up or down and they tilt inwards for great venting ability.

They are also easy to open – no struggle or straining required.

Improve Your Family’s Security

A standard heavy-duty lock is included, and you can choose to add an additional push lock.


Enjoy Full Cleaning with Ease from Inside Your Home

Have you ever spent an afternoon in the hot sun trying to get your windows clean? When you opt for this style, you’ll never have to suffer through this experience again.

Cleaning is so easy that you won’t even be tempted to procrastinate.

That’s because the windows tilt inwards, so you can easily clean them from inside your house.
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No More Insects!

Do you have experience with flies getting stuck between panes? This is a common problem with aging windows.

Our products include an insect guard that keeps bugs out, allowing you to avoid that eyesore.

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Never Feel a Draft From a Closed Window Again

Double Hung WindowsOur double hung vinyl windows feature two sliding portions that have an interlocking rail. This forms an airtight seal when it is closed. In addition, the flawlessly welded frame and sash – that’s the part that holds the panes inside the frame—allows no air to pass through.

They are also engineered to reduce heat and cold transfer. There is a spacer between glazing panes which holds back outside temperature influences. This means that your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Best of all, our products come with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty and are guaranteed free of defects.

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