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double tilt slider

Double slider windows- Oakville homes commonly include this attractive and functional style.

These vinyl windows are divided into two movable portions; each section can slide from either side or can tilt in when it’s time to clean the outer surfaces.

Clean Both Sides From Inside Your Home

With tilting styles, you’ll never have to drag around the ladder and cleaning supplies to get sparkling exterior panes. Simply tilt the glass inward and clean them from inside.

They also come with a full screen- keeping bugs and debris out, & making that job of cleaning windows all that much easier.

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No Struggle or Strain to Open

These open smoothly and easily because of their unique constant force spiral assembly. In addition, the heavy duty lock is easy to open or you can opt for an additional easy-to-use push lock.

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Pay Less for Heating & Cooling

The sash (or the part that holds the panes inside the frame) and the frame are both flawlessly welded, meaning that these windows are truly draft proof.

In addition, the two sliding panes have an interlocking rail that forms a completely airtight seal when closed.

You won’t lose your heat in the winter, and you’ll save money on cooling in the summer!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Be confident in your investment, backed by a limited manufacturers warranty.

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