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high profile fixed windowHigh profile windows do not open. Because of this, they are extremely efficient- no moving parts means that all seals are permanent (and thus, airtight).

They are commonly used in combination with other styles. For example- the fixed window might be on the top and a double slider might be underneath.

Money Saving Features

You’ll benefit from superior insulation as a result of the non-metallic spacer between the glazing panes; this eliminates temperature transfer. In addition, all of our products offer fusion welded outside frame and sash (the component that holds glass panes in place) to eliminate opportunities for air leakage.

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Choose From a Wide Rane of Standard Colours or Endless Custom Colours

High profile fixedYou can customize the look of these windows so they work in your décor, no matter what it is or what it looks like. Use our designer to help you choose just the right look for your décor.

Interior laminate finishes are available – choose from cherry or natural oak laminate.

You can choose a paint colour that works for you. You can choose from a wide range of standard colours, including black, brown, high gloss brown, hickory, grey, sable, sandstone, cream and white. Or you can choose a custom colour.

The paints we use are all fade resistant and com with a 15-year warranty so your investment will look as good as new for years.

We are sure you’ll love these high profile windows. Contact us today to get more information, or to get a free quote.

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