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Vinyl Replacement Windows at Fasada

You Will Get Back the Investment You Make

Vinyl replacement windows for Milton,  Burlington, Oakville homes are a smart investment.

The design options are exhaustive, the material provides an extremely high insulation value and the models themselves are cost-effective when compared to others with similar thermal values. Plus, because the window quality standards are so high in Canada, you’ll get a 20+ year warranty. Not bad!

Why Choose Vinyl for Your Replacement Windows?

As a material, vinyl offers a variety of aesthetic and practical benefits for your home:

  • Low maintenance: Vinyl windows never need painting or staining. They’re durable, scratch-resistant and incredibly easy to clean.
  • Durable: From searing summer heat to freezing winter cold, vinyl windows won’t warp or rot.
  • Great insulation: Vinyl replacement windows create a strong seal which keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in winter; also lowering your energy bills in the process.
  • Variety of design options: With vinyl, you can choose from multiple colours and styles. You can also customize your windows if you wish.

Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

Are your current windows:

  • Drafty?
  • Rotting?
  • Holding moisture between the panes?
  • Making your house look run down?
  • Fogging (that won’t come clean no matter how hard you try)?

If you said yes to any of these things, it might be time to shop around for vinyl replacement windows. Especially if condensation is getting in the way of your view.

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Is Condensation Blocking Your View this Winter?

Condensation is worse in the winter because this time of year causes the largest difference in indoor/outdoor temperatures. Lower outside temperatures require lower interior humidity levels, but things like cooking, bathing and just breathing indoors keep your interior humidity up.

Get rid of the condensation by reducing humidity indoors (with a dehumidifier) or investing in new, higher quality windows with double or triple glazing.

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Get a Gorgeous End Result

We have been praised for combining windows expertise with a flair for design.

Our customers benefit from this unique combination of strengths as we offer a service few other window companies can – your own personal interior/exterior designer at no additional cost.

Learn more about the features & benefits of the different styles we offer:

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“We have been Fasada customers since 2007 and I must say that this company is one of the few that really goes the extra mile to strive with its products and services. Over the course of years, we have been upgrading the house (windows and doors) and every single time we’ve had excellent results from this company. “

“Installation was right on time, right on negotiated budget and the installation personnel is really knowledgeable and they require no supervision – which gives us great peace of mind.”

“I have been dealing with lots of other renovation companies and must tell you that all of them required 24/7 supervision to ensure installers did not make any shortcuts or use any other trickery … all of them but Fasada!”

“I highly recommend Fasada to anyone who wants to have trouble-free products and installation!”

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