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vinylbilt windowsYour Vinylbilt Windows are guaranteed.

Vinylbilt window dealers like Fasada stand behind all guarantees made by the manufacturer.

Vinylbilt windows are guaranteed free of defects and covered by a comprehensive warranty.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on white vinyl window frame and vinyl sash members.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on insulating glass.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on hardware.
  • 15-YEAR WARRANTY on paint standard colours.
  • NO CHARGE WARRANTY transfers.

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The benefits of choosing Vinylbilt.

Vinylbilt platinum windows use a number of other features to maximize their performance in your home, including:

  • Expanding and contracting polymer foam spacers instead of traditional metal spacers. It reduces condensation and forms a superior seal.
  • An innovative coating called Simply-Clean, which works in concert with solar radiation to break down organic deposits like dust and dirt.
  • Lead free Polyresin 3 PVC frames with three chambers to draw moisture away from the window.
  • Insect guard inserts to prevent insect nesting anywhere in the window frame.
  • Fusion-welded joints to ensure an inseparable bond at every joint.
  • Triple weather sealing for a completely airtight seal.
  • Paint designed to resist fading for at least 15 years (supported by a 15 year warranty).
  • Heavy duty hardware to stand up to Canada’s harsh winter climate.

What makes a high quality window?

high quality windowsStandard window glass has poor thermal performance. Vinylbilt window designs include an LOE glass option, which boosts the insulating value of the glass by 40%.

This means the glass retains heat (like a greenhouse) from your interior heating system efficiently while reflecting the sun’s radiant heat.

This boils down to better heat retention in the winter and more effective heat reflection in the summer. A win-win!

You will see minimal to no condensation on your Vinylbilt windows even when the humidity inside is topping out at 50% or more.

Regardless of the type of heating you use in the home or how many family and friends you have visiting for the weekend, your Vinylbilt windows will give you a clear view outside.

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