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Should You Get Two Small Windows or One Big Window?

Should You Get Two Small Windows or One Big Window?

If you’re deciding between two small windows or one big window for your living room, bedroom, or another room in your home, you’ll want to know the benefits and disadvantages of both choices. It’s not all about cost, but also knowing that your choice of windows can dramatically change the look of your home and the room in question. Here we’ll take a look at both options and see how each one compares.

Benefits of One Big Window

If you choose to install one big window, you will get a clear, uninterrupted view. If you were to choose two smaller windows instead, the view would be blocked by more window framing and more wall. Those who have naturally stunning outdoor views will probably want to choose a big window for this reason alone.

Another benefit of one big window is that it will bring in a great deal more light than two small windows. That will directly affect the temperature in the room, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse depending on the season. In winter and early spring, the heat from the window will be helpful. In summer, it may increase your cooling costs. However, a large window will also let in more air to relieve the heat, provided that it’s a window that can be opened.

Lastly, having one big window is a popular modern trend that helps make the exterior and interior of your home look stylish and contemporary.

Benefits of Two Small Windows

Two smaller windows may let in less light and air than one big window, but this can be a benefit in that they won’t affect your cooling costs as dramatically. Further, sometimes you only want a small breeze in your home, not a lively wind, and having a small window ensures that you can better control the airflow into your house.

Cleaning two smaller windows is also significantly easier than cleaning one larger window. You won’t need a squeegee or other cumbersome equipment for smaller windows, a normal cloth will do for easy wipe downs.

If you choose smaller windows, you’ll also have more options to personalize them. Custom windows can come in all sizes of course, but where you can fit one large square window, you can fit two smaller windows in all sorts of shapes, from crescents to octagons, and still have wall space in between for adding even more

Benefit of Combining Small and Large Windows

If you want the benefits of both windows, you can always choose to combine the effects of one large window accented with one or two smaller windows of any shape. As long as you have the space, you can create a dynamic look that allows for enough light and airflow to perfectly accentuate your home.

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