Small Changes – Healthier Life with Juice Plus+

Busy lives and easy access to fast foods leaves us asking the question, how can we get more fresh fruits and vegetables into our diet?

At Fasada, we believe your health is your wealth and why we carry products in our Healthy Home Boutique such as Juice Plus+ that provide healthy nutrition for the whole family. We encourage our customers to visit our Healthy Home Boutique at Fasada to see the products, and of course, ask questions.

Make One Simple Change

Juice Plus+ consists of ingredients from natural sources
and are free of: 

  • free of preservatives
  • free of synthetic colouring
  • free of chemical stabilisers
  • Non-GMO (genetically modified organisms)
  • Its food not a multivitamin
  • wholefoods harvested at the peak of ripeness so the nutrition is intact

Juice Plus+ Products

Our tasty and versatile Juice Plus+ Complete shakes provide a nutritious and cost-effective way to enhance your eating habits.

  • 13 grams of protein
  •  8 grams of fiber
  • Naturally no/low fat
  • All-natural sweetener blend
  • Low-glycemic
  • Gluten free
  • Non-dairy
  • 100% vegan

Juice Plus+ Complete is a whole-food-based beverage mix that provides balanced nutrition in every scoop. Juice Plus+ Complete can be used in any number of ways: as a healthful “on-the-go” breakfast, pre-exercise energy drink, post-workout recovery drink, or a late-night snack. It also come is a nutrition bar!

Juice Plus+ is considered an NHP (All-Natural Healthy Product) created by a Naturopath. It contains micronutrients, such as phytonutrients, which are part of a normal diet and are contained in food in typical amounts. Therefore, Juice Plus+ can support physiological processes in the body. It is one of the most researched product in the world.

One of the products we love is Juice Plus+ fruit and vegetables capsules. They add the nutrition of 20- 30 fruits, vegetables, and grains to your diet!

They come in:

  • Omega Blends containing various naturally occurring omega fatty acids
  • Fruit and Vegetable Blend
  • Fruit Vegetable and Berry Blend
  • Berry Blends

Perfect and safe for children the Juice Plus+ Chewable delivers added whole food-based nutrition in a soft chewable form. The appealing taste comes from two all-natural sweeteners, tapioca syrup and organic cane syrup, with absolutely no high-fructose corn syrup. It contains no artificial flavors or artificial colors and is 100% vegetarian; the chewy texture comes from fruit pectin’s not gelatin.

Make one simple change and replace empty calories from fast food and processed food with a low-calorie, high-protein alternative.

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