Stay Cool with Handcrafted Window Treatments

Fasada Handcrafted draperies are an exclusive artisan collection that allows you to express your personality in every room. Choose your favourite fabric and colour. Combine two colours into a single drapery panel.

Window treatments, such as draperies and blinds, can actually help to keep the sun out — resulting in a cooler home and a lower electricity bill.

Drapes stay cooler than some other window treatments in the summer because their pleats and folds lose heat through convection, and you’ve got yourself an energy-efficient, and tasteful, window treatment.

If you want to embrace formality, we can show you just where to start. If you want a warm, casual room, we can guide you there too.

Let’s talk about your artisan drapery and find the perfect design options to give your room the elegant beauty it deserves. Get in touch with us to request a free quote.

The finest window treatments can add the final, and most dramatic touch to a room that is uniquely you. The distinctive fabrics in our collection of drapery speak confidently through colour, pattern, texture, and weave.

Handcrafted Draperies with matching top treatments are available in endless combinations. Combine two solid colours into single drapery panels. Choose from 12 different styles, including pinch pleat, four finger pleat, inverted pleat, roll pleat, classic tab, back tab, wrapped tab, rod pocket, cartridge pleat, plain top, box pleat and grommet top.

Express Your Style

The length of your drapery is one of a handful of variables that contribute to your unique expression.

  • Floor length measures about ½ inch above the floor.
  • Trouser measures 2 inches beyond the length to the floor to create a subtle break (like pants breaking at the shoe).
  • Puddle reaches 6-10 inches past the floor to create a calculated pool of fabric on the floor.
  • Sill stops at the height of a windowsill, typically used on an inside mount.
  • Apron touches the bottom of the window trim and usually works on an outside mount.

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