The Benefits of Vinyl Windows

The Benefits of Vinyl Windows

There is a reason why Fasada has been selling Vinyl Windows for over 20 years now. ⁠
⁠Vinyl windows are the most commonly used type of window. They offer a number of advantages that you don’t get with aluminum windows.

Many are unaware of the superior benefits of vinyl and sometimes get wrapped up in a fancy brand name instead of the over all value.

⁠Let’s take a look at some benefits of Vinyl windows


Hands down vinyl windows are more affordable in every way. The initial price can sometimes be even half of wood windows depending on the type of wood etc. Wood windows require frequent maintenance such as painting, staining, and refurbishing, where as vinyl never does. ⁠

vinyl windows



When compared to the aluminum in wood windows, vinyl keeps your heat from escaping during the winter but protects your home from heat entering during the summer. Wood windows also provide great insulation but since wood can be susceptible to rotting and warping, their insulating properties can be negatively affected.


Vinyl is less porous than wood therefore harder for dirt and grime to get trapped and can be easily cleaned with soap and water as needed. 


Vinyl resists dirt, mold, scratches, and dents. Exposure to the sun won’t warp or rot the Vinyl. Vinyl lasts far longer than other materials. ⁠


Any new window purchase can improve your home’s value. You can purchase any colour, shape, and customize to suit any style. Many home owners can’t even tell the difference between wood vs vinyl, so why pay extra when you don’t need to.⁠

If you’re deciding between wood vs vinyl windows hopefully this information helps make your choice easier.⁠

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