The Many Benefits of Blinds

The Many Benefits of Blinds

Many people think that blinds serve the primary purpose of keeping unwanted light out and maintaining privacy indoors. However, blinds are also the best way to keep heat out and your entire home much cooler during the hottest months of the year.

Did you know that in the summer, roughly 75% of sunlight that falls on your windows enters the home as heat? Blinds actually play a large role in keeping heat out. Using blinds with heat reducing properties is the best way to block heat from windows and keep your home more comfortable whiles saving you money on your monthly energy bill.

Best Blind to Keep Heat Out: Which Blind Should I Choose?

If keeping heat out is a priority function of your blinds, there are a few options that are better suited to the task than others. The two most common blind choices for blocking heat are:

• Roller Blinds: A classic choice for interior blinds, roller blinds also are one of the best choices for keeping heat out. They do a good job because they are solid and cover the entire space of the window pane. Simple to operate, roller blinds can be easily adjusted depending on the positioning and intensity of the sun.
• Venetian Blinds: Venetian blinds are another key choice for reducing heat in the home. This is because they are available in both aluminum and wood, with slats that can be tilted to follow the sun. Venetian blinds provide full coverage with the opportunity for some subtle light to sneak into the home.

Overall, and probably obviously so, full coverage blinds are the best choice for keeping the heat out. The more you block the sun, the less heat that will enter the home!

Additional Tips to Pair with the Best Blinds to Keep Heat Out

While the right blinds will make a huge difference in how much heat you can keep out of your home, there are some other simple measures you can pair with blinds to make sure your house stays extra cool:

• Make sure you adjust your blinds based on the location of the sun
• Keep your blinds closed for the majority of the day if you will not be home to adjust them
• Set your ceiling fans on counter-clockwise
• Open the windows at night to let some cool air in (just remember to close them in the morning!)

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