Tips for Decorating with Blinds

Decorating with blinds has transformed quite a bit over the years. Choices for window coverings have grown since the aluminum “mini-blinds” of the 1970s and the faux wood blinds of the 1980s.

The endless options include expansive colours, sizes and styles to treat windows and doors, from window treatment ideas for large windows to smaller windows and everything in between.

Let’s explore some of the most popular options available today.

Window Treatments

Roller and solar shades are increasingly popular with more design-focused colour and pattern options. Long drapery and layered curtain panels are also making a comeback to give homes a more lush, dramatic feel.

If you enjoy the classic beauty of curtains but want something easier to maintain, there is a wide variety of options with blinds. You can choose from numerous standard options, and custom options are also available. Blinds come in various colours, fabrics, and styles to play around with.

Custom window treatments come in various sizes suited to fit any window. Window treatments for small windows, more oversized windows, and long windows can be contrasted or complemented to create a truly eye-catching look.

Beautiful solar shades for your living area

Window Treatment Trends

Luxurious fabrics are not the end-all for window treatments. A few other materials are becoming famous for their versatile and magnificent looks. These materials include:

  • Bamboo
  • Velvet
  • Silk panel
  • “Smart” blinds

Room Darkening Blinds

As a society that is not getting enough quality sleep, the utilization of room-darkening blinds makes all the more sense. Whether your client works nights, is sensitive to the light, or enjoys sleeping in total darkness, suggest room darkening blinds as a beneficial option.

Consider the fabric type and colour, especially with room-darkening blinds, as sheer fabrics allow for more light. By contrast, a dynamic semi-opaque or fully opaque material will eliminate almost all the light. To ensure total darkness, pair the blinds with blackout curtains which can also add depth to your look.

Maxxmar Remote Blinds

Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

It’s not only windows that need to be covered. Sliding doors are much more common than they were even 25 years ago. Whether the sliding doors are in the primary bedroom, kitchen or living room, they need the proper coverage to do the same job as window coverings.

A few examples of the best window treatments for sliding glass doors are:

  • Vertical cell shades
  • Light filtering sheer cellular shades
  • Draperies
  • Sliding shutter panels

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Palm Beach Shutters

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