Why Fixed Windows Suit Every Home

For high efficiency and lower costs, fixed windows are an ideal aspect of any home. They are also referred to as picture windows. These windows cannot be opened or closed.

Fixed windows are a great choice for homes with sky-high ceilings, beautifully designed archways, and vaulted structures.

When you have fixed windows installed in the living room, dining room, or kitchen, they can give visually present a wider space in the room. 

Fixed windows can frame a beautiful, scenic view of nature outdoors and let in natural light to showcase the interior of your home.

Fixed windows come in numerous shapes and sizes and can be installed in circular, octagon, oval, round, square or rectangular shapes.


Fixed windows have little maintenance as they are installed with a thick seal and have thicker glass.

They have a protective resistance to ultraviolet radiation, so as a homeowner, you don’t have to replace faded furniture, special keepsakes or rugs discoloured by the sun.

Cleaning a fixed window is easier than some other types of windows. You simply need to wipe them down so your scenic view is not disturbed or smudged.


Fixed windows are more secure than a window that opens and closes. They are built to remain closed, and for this reason, the glass is thicker than the average open and closed window.

Bungalow homes that are mainly on one floor, often choose fixed windows to increase security and protection from outside intruders without sacrificing the natural light entering during the day.  Fixed windows offer the best of both worlds because you can have as many windows as you want on the first floor of your home and have security.

Energy Efficient

You can have several fixed windows in the home without risking energy loss as you would for regular functioning windows. Fixed windows are designed for the homeowner to enjoy the view of a window but have the window act as a part of the home’s structure, with fewer costs in energy than you would with windows that open and close.

A fixed window, with its thick glass and wide, uninterrupted surface, attracts more solar heat, naturally warming the inside of your home.

If you are considering fixed windows in your new home or as replacement windows, our design consultants will meet with you in your home or in the showroom at Fasada to discuss all the options.

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