Why you might consider darker blinds in your home

Blinds make your gorgeous window functional and practical. They add aesthetic appeal and value to the windows. Blinds and shades help to create a pleasant ambiance inside the house and help to protect your family and your furnishings. In the cold months, blinds prevent heat loss keeping your homes warm and cozy. In summer they effectively block out light, glare, heat, and harmful UV rays. There are blinds that help to maximize natural light in spaces that are not well lit and blinds which help to block excessive light which can interfere with your sleep and entertainment experience. With so many choices and combinations to choose from you may want to contact us for a Free Quote from one of our specialists.

Dark or Blackout Blinds

The Need for Deep Sleep

For healthy living, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and healthy food habits. You need to exercise regularly to keep fit and most importantly you want to get 8-10 hours of quality sleep. It gives you the energy to get through the day at work or a home. For sound sleep, you want to create a calm ambiance in your bedroom with complete darkness and silence for your deep sleep. While darkness can be achieved at night because it is dark outside, it can be a challenge to achieve the same during the morning hours. There are many of you who are essential service providers who have to work in night shifts. There are people working in the fire department, police department, or in the health care sector where you have to stay up all night and catch up on sleep during the morning hours. 

Blackout blinds and shades help to block out this light effectively and create a night-like ambiance in the room. They are made of fabric that offers 100% light blockage inside the room. If you have light gaps along the edges you can close these using light blockers. Even with the sun blazing down hard outside you get to enjoy a complete rest for your body and mind.

The Need for Added Insulation

There are several areas in Canada that experience an extremely harsh winter. The cold weather continues for months and without effective precautions your home could feel like cold storage. Before winter sets in it’s a good idea that your windows are well insulated as they are the biggest area for energy loss in the house.

For additional insulation, you may consider the use of blackout shades. They block out light and noise and also help to prevent energy and heat loss. Blackout blinds offer a maximum level of privacy to your homes at any time of the day. They will help you to sleep better, work better, enjoy better quality time with family and friends, and create a safe, comfortable, and well-protected home.