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Need to replace your windows? Not sure where to go or what kind to choose?

At Fasada, Oakville’s Oldest Window store, we help you choose the right replacement windows for your home.
Let’s design, select, and install your new windows.

Two sets of French casement windows add to the
lightness, brightness and airiness of this Oakville bedroom.

Casement Windows

Perfect for any room in your house!

  • A casement window is hinged vertically and opens like a door from either side.
  • They give an updated modern look and the vinyl construction gives you the greatest degree of insulation at a much more affordable price than other window materials.
  • The premium fold-down handle tucks away neatly, is available in several colours and allows you to easily open the window bringing in fresh air.
  • The 90-degree opening makes cleaning easy from inside your home.
  • You will love the smooth operation of casement windows.
  • Increase your home’s value with new & efficient casement windows.

Awnings Windows

Although they open from the bottom, awning windows are tops at boosting air circulation — even when the rain comes knocking

  • Energy efficient awning windows are very popular in providing optimal ventilation and are ideal for any room that needs a good amount of air circulation even on those unfavourable days.
  • The high-quality crank mechanism allows you to control the amount of air circulation and combined with the multi point lock it has an airtight design allowing for no drafts.
  • Awnings provide an unobstructed view with a modern look due to wider operable glass area.
  • A popular feature is that when the window is opened on rainy days the wet weather stays outside, not in your home.
  • They are the perfect window for kitchen sinks and bathroom.
  • Hopper Windows available to meet egress codes, opening inward and up. Perfect for basements.
Low awning windows allow for breezes to come up and in, increasing ventilation.

A customized window that works with your décor and brings the
beautiful outdoors into your home

Fixed Windows

Energy-Efficient Windows to the max!

  • These high- or low-profile windows do not open, they have no moving parts, and all seals are permanent and airtight.
  • Used primarily for custom shaped windows and in combination with other styles such as casements, awnings, bays/bows or fixed window over slider.
  • You can customize the look of these windows, so they work with your décor.
  • Our designers will help you choose the right look for your home.

Bay & Bow Windows

A bay or bow window projects out from the main walls of your home, creating a space with a comforting spot to relax and a feel of a larger room.

  • Bay and Bow windows are commonly found on the front of homes but are also a lovely addition to any other room.
  • Vinyl bay and bow windows can be customized by choosing different colours, angles, quantity of sections, grille designs and various interior wood head and seat finishes.
  • They are a perfect style for extra-large openings.

The Bay window gives both the exterior and interior of your home a lovely appearance.

Clean Both Sides From Inside Your Home

Single & Double Hung Windows

This window is a classic and will never go out of style

  • Both single and double hung windows are perfect for colonial and traditional homes and are versatile for any space.
  • The sliding portions form an airtight seal when closed and the welded frame allow no air to pass through so both heat and cold air transfer are reduced. This means that your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Single and double hung windows tilt inward making cleaning easy from inside.
  • And don't forget to use Fasada's Toxin Free Window Cleaner to ensure a beautiful and healthy home.

Horizontal Slider Windows

Window cleaning is easy – simply tilt the glass inward and clean them from inside.

  • It’s also an economical, attractive, and functional window option.
  • Great for rear bedrooms and basement windows.
  • The vinyl windows are divided into 2 movable parts allowing each section to slide and tilt.
  • This feature makes the windows easy to clean from inside your home.

Clean Both Sides From Inside Your Home

The hopper window frames the picturesque outdoors, its beautiful design to showcase the outdoors.

Hopper Windows

The perfect window designed to meet egress codes.

  • This is a window that opens inward and up, and is commonly installed in the basement.
  • Hopper windows are a cost-effective option and designed to meet egress codes. Perfect when working on converting basements into legal apartments.

Create a mini-greenhouse indoors

Greenhouse Windows

Would you like to cook with fresh herbs year round?

  • A perfect box bump for your kitchen window.
  • A popular choice for growing your herbs.
  • These windows have a water-proof design with a continuous hinge seal so the window can be tightened completely.
  • The rain gutter system drains excess moisture that would otherwise have accumulated.
  • These vinyl windows can be tailored to match your interior or exterior creating a personalized look.
  • A glass shelf can be added so you can grow as much as you want.

We value our relationship with Vinylbilt and work
seamlessly with them to provide you outstanding customer service and
an enjoyable experience from the project start to end!

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