The Pros and Cons of Plantation Shutters

Emjoy the ease of Hunter Douglas shutters

Plantation or California shutters are the slatted blinds you may have seen on traditional, romantic Southern mansions. There are pros and cons to plantation shutters, just like all types of blinds. The History of Plantation Shutters While their name associates them with the American South, plantation shutters, have been around for much longer than that. […]

What are the Best Window Frame Materials Available?

Window Frames

Windows are a fundamental part of your home. They help regulate temperature, protect you and your family from harsh weather, and invite lots of sunlight in on a beautiful day to brighten the elements of your house and your mood. If you are upgrading your current windows or building a new home, you may wonder, […]

Vinyl vs. Aluminum Windows

Aluminum KItchen Window with outdoor view

If you’re on the hunt for new windows or window replacement materials, you may be wondering about vinyl vs. aluminum windows and which ones you should choose. The answer is simple – vinyl windows are far better for a variety of reasons. What are Vinyl Windows? You may not know that when you say vinyl […]

Should You Install Two Small or One Big Window?

View from one large livingroom window

If you’re deciding between two small windows or one big window for your living room, bedroom, or another room in your home, you’ll want to know the benefits and disadvantages of both choices.  It’s not all about cost but also about knowing that your choice of windows can dramatically change the look of your home […]

Cleaning Window Blinds the Quick and Easy Way

Clean window blinds give a fresh look to your windows

Blinds can totally transform not only your windows but the feel and look of a room and are a great design feature. To keep blinds looking fresh, clean them often. How you clean them depends on what type and material they are, from wood to roller to vertical. With warmer days and sunshine, now is […]

The Elegance of Plantation Shutters is Timeless

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have a long history of adorning elegant homes across the country. Does that mean they are best suited for historical homes? Not at all. The elegance and function of plantation shutters make them a timeless window treatment for modern and contemporary-styled homes. Modern Plantation Shutters Plantation shutters work well with modern homes that […]

How Blinds Benefit beyond your Home Design

Benefits of blinds for your home design

Having your window treatments beautiful and harmonized with your design and colour choices is important.  The primary purpose many people think of using blinds on their windows is to keep unwanted light out and maintain privacy indoors. However, blinds are also energy efficient. During the summer months, they keep the heat out and your entire […]

Spring Cleaning Your Doors and Windows

Spring Cleaning Doors and Windows

It’s been a long, cold grey winter in Oakville and Burlington, but the sun is shining more, the snow is melting, and spring is approaching March 20th. You can start your annual spring cleaning routine now. The sunshine and warmer days may have you wanting to start cleaning your windows and doors (especially those with windows) to let […]

Keeping The Heat In With Blinds

Blinds Keep the Heat in and Sun Out

As winter settles in and brings cold temperatures, we think about keeping our home warm without turning on the thermostat too high. It’s a battle against the thermometer as the mercury dips and looking for ways to keep the heat in and the cold out without breaking the bank on heating bills. One of the […]