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Honeycomb Shades Help You Save on Your Energy Bill

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Hunter Douglas Gallery blindsHoneycomb shades by Hunter Douglas are some of the most efficient shades you can buy in Canada today. If you are after a shade that look great while they help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, honeycomb shades are the ideal choice.

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Honeycomb Shades are Safe for Homes with Children and Pets

These shades are cordless. You simply use your hand to adjust the shades to your liking or operate them via a remote control.

Applause® Honeycomb Shades

honeycomb shadesApplause® honeycomb shades are the only honeycomb shades with energy-efficient, triple-cell construction.

These shades feature a top-down, bottom-up design, so you can customize the amount of light & privacy you want.

Duette Architella® Honeycomb Shades Reduce Energy Loss by up to 50%

These shades have an innovative design that includes a honeycomb within a honeycomb and an inner cell that provides superior light transmission- allowing them to reduce energy loss by up to 50% at windows.

Duette Architella® shades are available in single, double or triple cell construction.

When raised, they disappear into the head rail; when down, they allow softly filtered light to enter the room.

They also have a cord that never gets longer; that is, it doesn’t hang when the shades are open like many other styles. Instead, they stay the same length, making them ideal for homes with children and pets.

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