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7 Reasons Why Winter Is the Best Time To Buy Replacement Windows

March 25, 20242 min read

Winter might seem like an unlikely season to tackle home improvements, especially with the chill in the air and the holiday hustle and bustle. But hold onto your hats – or rather, your cozy sweaters – because we're about to debunk that myth. Here are seven compelling reasons why winter is actually the prime time to invest in replacement windows.


Stop the Cold Drafts: Ever felt a chilly breeze sneaking in around your windows? That's not just winter making its presence known; it's likely due to improper installation or ill-fitting windows. But fear not! Winter is the perfect time to banish those drafts for good by upgrading to precision-fit replacement windows.


Save on Winter Heating Bills: Say goodbye to sky-high heating bills! By sealing those pesky gaps and cracks, energy-efficient replacement windows help keep your home cozy without draining your wallet.


Keep Out Moisture: Rain, snow, or sleet – winter weather can wreak havoc on your home if your windows aren't up to snuff. Invest in replacement windows to ensure a watertight seal and protect your home from moisture damage.

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Enhance Holiday Aesthetics: 'Tis the season for festive decorations and twinkling lights! Upgrade your windows for a fresh new look that'll dazzle your guests and elevate your holiday curb appeal.


Safety First: With the holiday season comes an increased risk of house fires. Ensure your loved ones' safety by replacing old, malfunctioning windows that could impede a swift escape in case of emergency.


Take Advantage of Winter Downtime: Winter is typically a slower season for home improvement contractors, meaning you'll enjoy shorter wait times for installation and potentially snag some great deals on top-quality replacement windows.


Score Big on End-of-Year Sales: Don't miss out on end-of-year sales and special offers from manufacturers like Fasada Windows and Doors. With unbeatable deals and financing options, winter is the ideal time to invest in your home's future.


Ready to bid farewell to cold drafts and skyrocketing heating bills? Take the plunge and schedule your replacement window consultation today. Click here to get started and transform your home into a cozy winter retreat.



Can you replace windows in winter?

Absolutely! Winter is actually the best time to replace windows, as it helps stop cold drafts, moisture damage, and enhances energy efficiency.


Will new windows stop cold drafts in winter?

Yes, indeed! Modern replacement windows are designed to seal tightly, keeping cold drafts at bay and your home snug and warm.


Do new windows help save money on heat?

You bet! Energy-efficient windows help retain heat indoors, reducing the need for constant heating and saving you money on energy bills.


How long does it take to replace windows?

Typically, window replacement can be completed in one day or less, depending on the size of your home and the number of windows being replaced.

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