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How do you determine if a shutter will fit a window?

The depth of each window will determine whether there’s enough mounting space to accommodate the louvers on the shutter panel for rotatation. In cases where there is insufficient depth, we suggest a frame that may or may not need cutouts. In some cases, an outside frame installation may be necessary.

Why should we choose Vinyl over Faux Wood or wood?

Most shutters are made from either wood, faux wood, or vinyl however, the decision is ultimately yours to make. Wooden shutters and faux wood shutters tend to require more maintenance and longterm care than vinyl shutters, and that must also be taken into consideration. Vinyl California and Plantation shutters, such as Eclipse Shutters, are extremely durable and will stand the test of time with minimal care. They will never have to be refinished and will never crack, peel, warp or chip. Eclipse Shutters have a warranty of 25 years!

How long does it take to get new blinds, doors or windows installed in my home?

For window coverings: following the final measurement check, it generally takes 3 – 4 weeks to be installed. Draperies will take a few weeks longer. For windows and doors: generally this is a 5-6 week process. If it’s peak season 5-7 weeks. Some specialty shapes, colours or stained doors usually take a few more weeks to produce and install.

Do you repair blinds/shutters?​

We do not do repairs on site at our showroom. However, if you purchased your blind or shutter from us, or one of our suppliers, we will assist with the steps required to have your product repaired. Most repairs are covered by warranty and involve little or no cost other than possible labor and transport fees.

I would like to have an online quote for shutters and possibly install them myself. What is the best way to get a proper and accurate measurement?

The best way to get accurate measurements is to measure width at the top at the top, middle and bottom. Then measure the height at the right centre and left. Use the lowest measurement for both width and height. Please view the following video for further details:


Can I book my check measure and/or installation for window treatments (binds/shutters/draperies) with Fasada directly?

The manufacturer that your product is coming from will book your check measure and your installation, directly with you. The manufacturer and their technicians have the visibility and control of their schedules. We do not have access to their schedules.

I am going to be shipping my blind to a manufacturer for repair, do you have boxes that can be picked up from the showroom and used for shipping?

We do not have boxes on hand for shipping. We advise to measure your blind and stop by your local UPS/Purolator store and purchase a box from them.

Does Fasada repair or replace broken glass for products from other companies?

We are only able to replace glass for products that we sell as the repair will come direct from our Manufacturer through Warranty if applicable.

However, we can help by directing you to local businesses that provide this service.

What is a Retrofit vs Brick to Brick Installation?

Like most things in life, windows too can be installed two ways. A retrofit is a method of installation where the old existing frame is left behind, whereas in a brick to brick installation, we go right back to the original opening, the entire frame is removed and we start from the beginning. What’s better? Brick to brick naturally. All the old and often rotten wood is removed, you gain efficiency from having spray foam insulation between the cavity of your house and the new window, and you maximize your glass area. In a retrofit, with leaving the old often rotten frame, not insulating and losing glass area, makes you wonder why even replace the windows in the first place. Save your money for when you can invest it wisely.

Dual pane glass vs triple glass windows?

It goes without saying that the more glass and air spaces, the more efficient the window will be. Triple glass is definitely more efficient and with Vinylbilt Windows we have 2 different glass widths to offer for even greater energy savings and to allow for more decorative glass options. Having said all that, it comes at a premium. The bigger question is, how long will it take to recover the additional cost for triple glass vs our already upgraded dual glass units. Our premium package dual glass included in every order is already an improvement over your existing windows. The need to go further is a long term investment and can also be addressed on a room by room basis vs the entire home. What do I mean? Do you have a tall or wide room with large windows? Perhaps in that room you would like to enjoy additional comfort year round. The advice then would be, do it. Ultimately at the end, the choice for this feature is yours.

When is it advised to Paint vs Stain doors?

The look of a beautiful stained wood grain fibreglass door is definitely stunning and a show stopper, elevating the curb appeal of your home. Equally beautiful is a factory painted custom door system. The difference in the finish option for you also means maintenance vs low maintenance. A painted door requires minimal attention other than cleaning with water, non-toxic and non-abrasive wipes. The stained finish has a varnish to protect it, think of that like sunscreen. If your door has significant or prolonged sun exposure, you will

need to reapply, otherwise it will get weathered. Our recommendation is always take into consideration the exposure and more importantly, your desire to maintain or not to maintain

Do you repair/install glass inserts for front doors?

No, we do not repair glass inserts, nor do we install them.

When are your promotions?

Our prices are very competitive that we keep our everyday prices with integrity, and not give in to marketing gimmicks to mislead you into inflated pricing.

From time to time, our manufactures offer amazing promotions and we pass those saving on to you, our clients.

What types of payment plans do you have and do you offer financing?

We take a 50% deposit at the time an order is placed, and the balance is due at the time of installation.

We offer a discount of 2% on all prepaid orders paid in cash, by debit, cheque e-transfer.

Financing is also available.

We would like to see some examples of your products before booking an appointment with a Design Consultant. Do you have any location where we can view some samples?

Yes, we have a beautiful showroom located at Unit 4-2512 Old Bronte Road where we have many samples of all of the products that we offer.

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