The Fall Season is Ideal for Windows & Doors Replacement

Beautiful windows in Burlington Home

If you missed the time for your summer renovation project, don’t worry; there is still time! The fall season is ideal for replacing windows and doors. It’s a great time to seal your home to save the most energy in the coming winter months. The benefits of replacing your windows in the autumn include lowering […]

Exterior Entry Doors to Match Your Personal Aesthetic

Be the envy of the neighbourhood with Fasada Doors

We value our relationships with our partners and work seamlessly with each one to provide you with outstanding customer service and an enjoyable experience from the project start to the end! Whether you’re building a new home, renovating, or updating, your project is in good hands with Fasada’s experienced designers and installers. You can choose […]

Spring Cleaning Your Doors and Windows

Spring Cleaning Doors and Windows

It’s been a long, cold grey winter in Oakville and Burlington, but the sun is shining more, the snow is melting, and spring is approaching March 20th. You can start your annual spring cleaning routine now. The sunshine and warmer days may have you wanting to start cleaning your windows and doors (especially those with windows) to let […]

Entry Doors for Canadian Winters

steel entry door

When considering an entry door that will help it withstand the cold Canadian winters, there are a few things to consider. Entry Doors reflect you and your personal style, provide security and efficiency, and increase the value of your home. Our design consultations will help you achieve this beautiful result. Fibreglass Entry Doors Fibreglass entry doors […]

Winterizing your Windows and Doors

Heating your home can increase energy costs, so you may be looking for ways to conserve that energy. One of the most effective ways to improve efficiency and reduce your energy costs is by sealing drafty windows and doors; however, in an older home, you may want to think about a door replacement. When checking […]

Plan your Renovations and Save Money

plan renovations

Renovations can often mean significant and sometimes unforeseen expenses! If you plan well and make a budget, you can save money without sacrificing quality. Here are some ideas to improve your home without breaking the bank. Prioritize renovations by time limits and budget The first step toward getting reasonably priced and well-done renovations is to […]

Personalized Door Trends

windows and doors

We are still spending more time indoors than in previous years. Our home is the primary setting of our lives: where we work, sleep, and socialize. Your home reflects your style, and it’s good to invest in design features that characterize your space and tell your unique story. That goes for your front door as […]

Wintertime Window and Door Installations

winter installations

You may think your home will be freezing if installing windows and doors in the cold of winter. It is possible to do so comfortably, and winter installation has many benefits. If you’re planning to sell your house in the spring and want to boost your home’s curb appeal, you can get new windows and […]

Renovations that Increase Value to Your Home

increase value of home

If you are in the market for selling your home, it may be a good idea to upgrade the interior and/or exterior of your property with some renovations. With the rising prices with many suppliers, it is a good idea to start on some of the renovations now rather than later, to capture the most […]